An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences:
How Regression Therapy Can Help
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present life. After fifteen years of conducting psychotherapy and after seven years
of conducting Past Life Regression Therapy, I discovered that the source of some
people's distress or trauma is experiences that they may have had with
extraterrestrial beings.

These beings cause various responses in the people whom they contact, ranging
from wonder, awe, and enlightenment to extreme anxiety, fears and phobias, anger
and resentment, and (rarely) the inability to function normally. For people with any
of these responses, regression therapy and integration work can help them
assimilate and make sense of their bizarre experiences and function better in their
lives, even though these experiences may continue to happen to them.

Many ancient sources indicate that interaction between extraterrestrial beings (who
seem to come from the heavens or space) and humans may have been occurring
for thousands of years. In recent times, contacts and abductions have been
reported since the early 1960’’s. According to polls taken during the 1980’’s and
1990’’s an estimated five to eight million Americans have had these experiences,
and it is a world-wide phenomenon as well.

Since my first highly traumatized extraterrestrial Experiencer client worked with me
in 1991 I have regressed more than 780 people who have had encounters with ET
beings, now totaling over 3000 regressions.  I am currently working with fifteen
abductees and lead a monthly Support Group for Experiencers, as well. I prefer to
call people who have had experiences with extraterrestrial beings ““Experiencers””,
rather than ““Contactees”” or ““Abductees””, as many of them have some
experiences which they consider negative (and might be thought of as ‘‘abductees’’)
and some experiences which they consider positive (and therefore might be thought
of as ‘‘contactees’’). When they interpret some of their experiences in one way and
some in the other way, it seems fair to refer to them as ‘‘Experiencers’’.

         Conducting Therapy With Experiencers:

The field of therapeutic work with Experiencers is a relatively recent development.
The first case on record occurred in the early 1960’’s when psychiatrist Dr.
Benjamin Simon hypnotically regressed Betty and Barney Hill to their disturbing
abduction by unusual beings in New England. Being new to working with patients
who had had this type of experience, and not being familiar with the idea of
abductions of people by extraterrestrial beings, Dr. Simon concluded that the Hills
must be suffering a "shared delusion." Later evidence, perspective, and other
people’’s experiences validated the reality of the Hills’’ experience.

Since that time, unfortunately, most mental health practitioners have failed to come
to grips with the abduction phenomenon, and in many cases do not believe that the
phenomenon is real. Thus, Experiencer clients are often erroneously diagnosed,
medicated, and treated. This leaves them feeling misunderstood and worse than
before they sought professional help. Furthermore, family members, friends and
associates often laugh at them or call them crazy. They quickly learn to keep
reports of their extraterrestrial experiences and their severe anxieties very private,
and therefore receive no help in dealing with them.
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