Taken from the files of renowned researcher and therapist, Barbara Lamb, MS,
MFT, this intriguing book recounts in amazing detail 25 never-before-revealed
cases of close encounter with alien intelligence.  Co-authored by Nadine Lalich,
researcher and artist, these 25 files represent only a portion of the cases
Barbara has researched on this compelling phenomenon since 1991.  The
information presented in Alien Experiences creates a compelling picture of the
phenomenon of human abduction by alien life forms.  
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By Barbara Lamb (USA Only)
Considering Abduction
As human beings, we have been conditioned to live in a limited reality of our
own creation, projecting onto the world and our own selves, those  beliefs and
attitudes instilled upon us early in life by family, friends and society-at-large.  
Much of this conditioning is fear-based, and capable of creating a
psychological blindness that can shut out awareness and opportunity, and
potentially force us into limited, rigid views of reality and what is possible.  Even
the brightest, most open-minded and curious of persons should periodically
reexamine their beliefs and their concept of reality, especially those beliefs that
stem from fear and prejudice.  
Alien Experiences by Barbara Lamb and Nadine Lalich
Having the courage to do so will not only expand the consciousness of the individual, but also enhance the
consciousness and evolution of humanity.  As you read the stories in this book, we truly hope that you will
suspend whatever preconceived judgments you may have about the extraterrestrial contact and simply allow
yourself to ponder the information presented.  In doing so, you may be surprised to find that experiences of
men and women.

This may be the first time you are considering the possibility  of contact between humans and alien life forms
or, you might be a confirmed skeptic.  Perhaps, though, you may be someone who senses that something
abduction.  If that is the case, the best way to explore a challenging new concept is to face it directly through
communication and open investigation, thus eliminating much of the mystery, confusion and fear.  Personal
power can be reclaimed by such an assertive approach, restoring emotional and mental balance.   

In 1991, Barbara’s psychotherapy and regression therapy practice took a surprising turn when individuals
began to appear who were seeking assistance in solving the puzzle of what appeared to be contacts with
intelligent, non-human life forms.  As time went by, more and more individuals sought her assistance and, as a
result, she became dedicated to exploring the phenomenon and in supporting experiencers.   Nadine’s
interest grew due to her strong investigative instincts and dedication to personal growth would not allow her to
ignore certain unusual events in her own life that defied conventional explanation.  In presenting the
information in this book, the combined diverse backgrounds, skills and experience of Barbara and Nadine
have created a unique and effective working partnership that produced Alien Experiences.

The accounts of extraterrestrial contact presented in Alien Experiences have been collected by Barbara Lamb
under various circumstances over a seventeen-year period.  Her sources include colleagues, attendees at
UFO conferences, UFO group participants and hypnosis clients.  While maintaining the integrity of each story,
all of the accounts herein have been presented anonymously, without reference to the actual name or location
where such information was obtained.  Pseudonyms have been used for ease of reference and, when
required, permission to print was obtained.  For the sake of simplicity, when referring to an abductee whose
gender is unknown, we have referred to that individual as he or him.

Although we cannot scientifically prove that the accounts of alien abduction depicted in this book have truly
happened, we have recorded the information as it was presented in as true a form as possible.  We can also
affirm the sincerity of the experiencers who we are convinced have experienced some kind of anomalous
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