Every summer, a variety of people interested in crop circles gather from all over the world in the Wiltshire
area of England. They  have been described as "a tribe returning," and many report experiencing a special
bonding with each other. Most are drawn by the mystery and scope of this phenomenon, the curiosity, the
jolting absurdity of these lovely designs of such magnitude suddenly appearing overnight in farmers' crop
fields. A single circle can measure from twenty inches to a few hundred feet in diameter.  Long pictograms
composed of circles, rings, keys and other design elements have  stretched over fields for cross roads and
continue in other fields, although they incorporate the road in the design rather than sprawl haphazardly from
one field to another.

Crop circles are mind-boggling to many people, especially since these designs are beautifully wrought, contain
varying kinds of energies and provide a variety of effects on people, animals and equipment. Their mystique
tantalizes many people. Mystery has a way of sparking people's interest and even devotion. Mystique has
been used by shamans throughout history to draw people in and to bring them to greater realizations. People
wonder why these crop circles are occurring, by whom and how they are made, and why they are appearing
now and in such numbers. They wonder why they show up in some fields, geographic areas and countries,
and not others.

Imagine you are driving up to the entrance of the Barge Inn on a balmy July evening in rural southern England.
It's still twilight; and the stars are just appearing.  You are about to enter another world. The Barge, Inn, an
unprepossessing little pub at the' end of a dead-end road in Honey Street, next to Alton Barnes, Wiltshire
County, is the gathering place for crop circle enthusiasts, or croppies, from allover the world. This is a central
information source for news about the spotting of new crop circles as well as a haven for .the irresistible urge
to share-and to mirror-the experiences of physically entering the formations.

If you enter the backroom, immediately your eye is caught by a map of southern England pinned on the wall
and covered with colored stickers showing the locations of the season's crop circles. As reports of the new
crop circles are tracked, veterans remember the crop circles made in the same or nearby fields in past years,
and plans are made for visiting them, meditating in them and recording them to scale with drawings, surveys
and. computer graphics. As the conversations ebb and flow nearby, you hear tantalizing fragments, about
intuitions received during meditations, the effects of the energies on dowsing rods and batteries, and what it
feels like to stand in a new crop circle and know at the core of that being that no human could have created
such miraculous constructions. Unfamiliar or possibly
familiar terms strike your ears, such as Fibonacci spirals, fractals, Mandelbrots, the
Golden Mean, vortices, synchronicities and other terms of mythology and sacred geometry. And over and
under and through all the words spoken in several accents and languages, you can pick up the feelings of
excitement, awe and curiosity about the crop circles and their makers, whether the speakers are on their first
or twentieth visit.

Welcome to the world of crop circles, one of the most tantalizing phenomena in our world today. It is difficult not
to be captivated by their beauty and complexity and by  the questions and issues they provoke, including the
query that becomes more pressing every, day: What other intelligent life forms are out there trying to
communicate with us? What are their intentions? What is the communication system between them, the Earth
and humanity?  Consider this: Groups of croppies have meditated together on visual patterns and projected
the intention that crop circles would be made, of those images. And that has happened. What do events like
that do to our world view? Send to our view of the cosmos?

We, Barbara Lamb and Judy Moore, felt impelled to gather together information available on crop circles,
especially those in southern England that Barbara has been visiting for ten years and that captivated Judy
before her visit in the summer of 1999. It is impossible to ignore the synchronicity of the proliferation of crop
circles near Stonehenge, Silbury Hill and other ancient sacred sites. We wanted to share with you the awe, the
anticipation, the passion, the reverence, the beauty, the questions, the theories, the comraderie of the
cropples, the pictures.…

The information in this book has come from many sources, human and otherwise.  Unfortunately, we have lost
track of some of the sources of our information over the years. We would hear a theory about a crop circle and
it felt right intuitively, so we incorporated it. Several years and many crop circles later we might have forgotten
who first stated that point of view, at what convention or on what evening sitting in the' Barge Inn or in a crop
circle after a meditation; Many ideas grew synergistically from what we would consider group consciousness;
and often it has been difficult to give credit to anyone individual. We apologize to anyone who recognizes that
he or she is the, original source of a fact or idea and we did not provide accurate acknowledgment. Please
contact us so we can provide more accurate information in later editions of this book.
Crop Circles
by Barbara Lamb
Judith Moore
Barbara Lamb MS MFT CH
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