People seem to begin their extraterrestrial contacts early in life, sometimes even
before birth. One male client was treated by an extraterrestrial for a congenital hole
in his heart while he was still in his mother’’s womb, by the being placing his hands
on the outside of the womb and sending energy into the embryo inside. He said to
the embryo “You will not be able to live with this condition, so I am placing an
invisible electro- magnetic strip over the hole in your heart”. The treatment was
repeated by the extraterrestrial every year or so, during abductions, until the man
was forty-eight years old, and received surgery by human doctors for the officially
diagnosed congenital hole in his heart.

Many people begin their experiences with extraterrestrial beings shortly after birth
and they continue to be abducted throughout childhood, teenage years and
adulthood. Children responded to these contacts in various ways, ranging from
terror and dread of sleeping alone to thoroughly enjoying their "special friends."
Children are taken from their beds at night or from wherever they are playing
during the daytime, are medically examined on the spaceship, apparently to be
sure they are healthy, and sometimes are given a tour of the craft. Some children
are introduced to "hybrid" children and are asked to play with them and teach them
how human children play.

Some children find themselves in a classroom type of setting on the spaceship, with
other abducted children, being taught such things as ‘‘mind ball’’, (moving things
with only their minds) and other psychic skills. These learning games are taught
and monitored by a variety of extraterrestrial beings. Some children will recognize
each other from their life on earth, and develop a bond with one or two and with the
beings. In many instances the children enjoy these experiences, and yet are mostly
unaware of them and their own paranormal abilities after being returned to their

The Hybridization Program Between Humans and Extraterrestrials:

When many Experiencer children enter adolescence, an additional, very traumatic,
experience begins. There seems to be an on-going interbreeding program being
carried out by some species of extraterrestrials. Eggs or sperm are removed from
the adolescent Experiencer girl and are apparently mixed with alien reproductive
substances so that a hybrid embryo is formed.

A month or so later the girls are abducted again and implanted with this hybrid
embryo. They realize they are pregnant and some have the pregnancy confirmed
by doctors. A few weeks later they are abducted again and the embryos are
removed and placed in containers of special fluid. The girls suddenly realize that
they are no longer pregnant, and yet they know they have not had an abortion or

Months later these same girls are again taken aboard the spaceship and asked to
hold their "babies," who do not look entirely human. The Extraterrestrials seem to
know that because these babies are partly human, they need to be held by, loved
by and bonded to their human mothers. These babies are frail and pale, with large,
penetrating eyes , strangely shaped heads and straw-like or wispy hair. The girls
are urged to hold, love, and bond with these unusual babies during these visits
while being closely observed by the attending extraterrestrials. Some girls are
horrified and mystified by this, while others respond with surprise and yet are able
to hold and feel love for the strange looking baby. During the subsequent years
these girls continue to have brief visits with their hybrid children while on the space
ship, and have s chance to relate to them to some extent. Some of these mothers
wish they could bring their hybrid children home with them and raise them here on
earth, but they are told the children would not survive here. Some mothers want
nothing to do with their hybrid children and are repulsed that their reproductive
material was taken and used to create these strange children. These hybrid
children are highly prized by the extraterrestrials, especially since many of them do
not survive for many years.
An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences:
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