intermingle with humans on earth.

Many aliens wear robes with large hoods, or spacesuits, or formfitting suits of
varying kinds. Although these beings show no apparent indication of what we would
call gender or external genitalia, abductees do distinctly sense them to be "male" or
"female." Some seem more attuned to the needs and feelings of humans than
others; one of my clients learned that the degree of understanding of human
beings depends on which aliens have had human incarnations and how recently
those incarnations were.

One well-publicized type of unusual beings is the "men in black," who come to UFO
investigators' or Experiencers’’ offices or homes to confiscate material evidence of
alien activity, especially when the material contains information about alien
technology or human-government involvement with aliens and Experiencers. These
beings seem robot-like and may, in fact, be some sort of robots. They look human
at first glance, but have unusual eyes that they cover with dark sunglasses. They
dress in ill-fitting mens' suits and hats of 1940's style, and speak in monotone,
"canned" voices, as if it takes a great deal of effort for them to speak. They seem
to know which knowledge or experience or materials the person has, and they
demand the materials they are seeking. They threaten to appear in the person's
sleep until the materials are turned over to them. They seem insistent and
intimidating, but soon their energy seems to run down and they stagger toward the
door and leave. They have been observed "disappearing" halfway along the
sidewalk. There are also beings who look like athletic, well-built, handsome
humans, often with blond hair and very intense blue eyes. They are often referred
to as :Nordics””. They often do procedures which allegedly help Experiencers and
relate to Experiencers in more acceptable ways. Some beings seem to be other-
dimensional and ethereal, and greatly inspire and thrill Experiencers, to whom they
give transformational experiences. Some of them are so unconditionally loving that
Experiencers feel deep grief and loss upon returning from these contacts.

Many of the aliens described above work together cooperatively during abductions
of humans. Certain beings come to take the Experiencer to the spaceship; others
perform medical and reproductive procedures on him while lying on an examining
table. Still others do deep scanning through the Experiencer’’s eyes, and another
type comforts the Experiencers by touching their foreheads or shoulder with one
hand. A "leader" type observes the procedures from the background. Some aliens
do complicated healing procedures; they are reported to have healed such things
as cancer and a hole in the heart.

After the medical or sexual procedures are completed, Experiencers are sometimes
taken to another room and shown "holographic" scenes of earth catastrophes such
as nuclear destruction or, ecological destruction. Sometimes they are shown
pleasant, positive scenes. Sometimes the aliens holographically ‘‘stage’’ certain
emotionally stirring events, such as the Experiencer’’s child being struck by a car,
or a cherished lover or departed loved one suddenly appearing. During these
staged events the aliens study the Experiencers intently, watching their reactions
as if they are trying to learn about human emotions, or perhaps to derive energy
from the intensity of the humans’’ feelings.
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