when he is nearby. Some Experiencer women may say they became pregnant
without having had sexual activity, and then two or three months later discovered
that the fetus had mysteriously disappeared without having had an abortion or
miscarriage. Or they may say they discovered that one of a pair of twins had
mysteriously vanished from the womb, with the cord cut and sutured perfectly.

Experiencers may remember being paralyzed, unable to call out, being levitated
and floated out though a window or a solid wall, and then transported up on a
beam of light and into a spaceship where various procedures happen. Although
many clients do not consciously recall these last few clues before they start their
regressions, these experiences will emerge during the regressions. There are
many kinds of experiences with extraterrestrial beings which are reported and
which emerge during regressions of Experiencers. There are also many different
types of beings which Experiencers encounter.

              Different Types of Extra-Terrestrial Beings:

According to reports from thousands of people world-wide, there are many types of
aliens. They can be tall or short, hairy or bald, uncaring or compassionate.
Perhaps the most common type we hear about is the "little grays:" They are
described as being three to four feet tall, they have grayish skin, big black almond-
shaped eyes, tiny noses, small slits for mouths, no outside ear flaps, very large
heads with pointed chins, no hair, and thin and delicate-looking bodies. They move
stiffly, like robots, and they are described as very matter-of-fact, going about their
tasks diligently and efficiently, with no regard for the Experiencer's reactions or
discomfort. Similar in general appearance are the "little whites," with big round
eyes, who seem much sweeter and gentler and less threatening to be with. Both
the little grays and the little whites conduct the actual abductions of the
Experiencer. Sometimes they also perform medical procedures right in the
“Experiencer’’s bedroom.

There are other gray beings of various heights, some of whom have large, black,
almond-shaped eyes and some have differently shaped eyes including ‘‘beveled’’
eyes. Some of these beings stare into the Experiencer’’s eyes from a distance of
only an inch or two away, seeming to draw out all the person's thoughts and
memories. This is a most frightening and unnerving experience for the Experiencer.
There are bronze-colored and whitish aliens of five-feet eight or nine inches; some
of these have large, faceted eyes. Others are short white aliens with huge pointed
ears and big feet. Some are very tall pure white aliens with wispy hair and skin
drawn very tightly over the skull-like face. Some aliens are reported to look like
"Sasquatch," very large ape-like beings with hairy, shaggy skin.

Very disconcerting are some large, muscular reptilian types of beings with snake-
like golden eyes with vertical pupils and uneven, mottled and bumpy skin often
described as alligator-like or snake-like. Some of these fearsome beings have
armored plates covering their chests, and some wear regal clothes with insignia.
They tend to have the size and the stature of a tall, athletic human male They
appear to be aggressive and arrogant and are said to mate with human females.
Another type of being is the tall, thin “insectoid”, with huge bug-like eyes and
extremely thin arms and legs.

As disconcerting as these ‘‘praying mantis’’ beings appear, they often turn out to
be unconditionally loving and kind. Once an Experiencer gets past this unusual
appearance, he usually reports a great fondness for these beings. Shorter,
stockier bug-like aliens with big bulging eyes do not seem to radiate that kind of
lovingness, and are often shunned by those who experience them.
An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences:
How Regression Therapy Can Help
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