events, as those are the events which need the most therapeutic work, and which
stand out dramatically and attract the psyche’’s attention. However, those
Experiencers often discover during subsequent regressions that they have been
interacting with a variety of aliens and that some of their experiences have been
educational, enjoyable and even enlightening as well. I encourage my Experiencer
clients to continue with their regressions, so they can discover the probable
positive aspects of their extraterrestrial experiences as well as the more negative

          Indications of Having Abduction Experiences:

There are many indications that a person may be an Experiencer of extraterrestrial
encounters, and more therapists should be aware of these special clues. The
Experiencer often has on-going "irrational" anxiety, disorientation, confusion, and
frequent panic attacks. At the worst the person may discontinue work or school or
other activities. He or she may have fears of doctors' offices, hospitals, and medical
instruments and procedures; this fear may be so extreme that the person avoids
getting needed treatment. Some people may have panic attacks when in certain
settings where the light is indirect from an unknown source.

Many Experiencers have sexual and relationship problems and have difficulty
trusting others, especially authority figures. Some of them have compulsive or
addictive behaviors; yet there may also have psychic abilities and experiences.
They may also fear animal eyes, owl eyes, spiders, snakes, and praying mantis
insects, which unconsciously remind them of extraterrestrial beings they have
encountered. Many Experiencers have various strong fears: of the dark, of being
left alone, of going to bed, of falling asleep, of their bedroom closet, of being
"watched," of driving alone at night, and of being followed by bright lights. They
may have unusual sleeping habits, such as sleeping fully clothed and with shoes by
the side of the bed, so that they can make a quick ‘‘get away’’ if they are visited by
unwanted creatures, They may sleep next to the wall for a sense of protection, and
position themselves away from the window so that they will not be seen from
outside. They may lock the doors and windows of their homes and turn on the
monitoring system and check them again and again before retiring for the night.
They may wake up at a particular time at night, every night, or may do everything
possible to stay awake until that particular time has passed and they unexplainably
feel ‘‘safe’’.

Many Experiencers suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders. The person may
describe being "slammed" awake, or have the sensation of having been dropped to
the mattress from above. They may wake up in strange positions on the bed or on
top of the bedcovers, or somewhere else in the house or even several miles away
from home; they may wake up with grass or dirt on their feet, and not remember
having been outside during the night. Their hair may be completely wet when they
wake up, with no awareness of how that happened. They may have their sleeping
clothes on backwards or inside out, even though they remember having put them
on properly before going to bed that night. They may find themselves wearing
clothing that is not their own.

There are also physical clues that a person is having extraterrestrial encounters:
he might wake up with mysterious marks on his body: small scoop-shaped scars,
triangular bum marks, a bead of pus in the navel, straight thin cuts, bruises in the
shape of a grouping of fingertips, pin- prick marks. There may be a small lump near
one ear or in the forehead or at the base of the head, above the spine. The person
may feel frequent vibrations in the forehead; his ears may ring or buzz, or he may
feel pressure in his ears. He may have had frequent nosebleeds since childhood
and may sometimes wake to find drops of blood on his pillow. He may have chronic
sinusitis and other nasal problems , as well as chronic headaches, especially in
one ear, or behind one eye, or in the sinus area.
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