that is necessary. Each client has his own degree of being frightened to explore
what has happened to him that he does not consciously remember. He may need
all possible reassurance that he will be ‘‘safe’’ in recovering his memories. He may
also need some practice at getting into the altered state sufficiently enough to
relive the experience which he is choosing to explore. It may take him some time to
trust the therapist to help him open the way for the details of the experience to be
relived, without influencing him or ‘‘leading’’ him or ‘‘planting ideas’’ in his mind.

Experiencers may consciously recall some elements of their abductions before
being regressed. Some remember only small fragments of their extraterrestrial
experiences. Others think they remember all of the episode only to discover later,
through regression, that there was much more to the experience than they had
remembered. Some remember absolutely nothing about an abduction experience
for years until "triggered" into a memory by something such as seeing a picture of
an alien or a UFO, or hearing the accounting of someone else’’s encounter, or
having a vivid dream of an encounter.

It seems that the extraterrestrials affect the Experiencer with a form of amnesia or
forgetfulness. This is very powerful and may be reinforced by the Experiencer’’s
own internal protective mechanism of denial. Unconsciously, many Experiencers
feel a strange kind of bonding with the aliens they encounter, as in the Patty Hurst
abduction case, and feel disloyal to them by remembering. Such clients need to be
reassured that they have a right to know what happened to them, and that no harm
will come to them or to the aliens by. remembering and sharing their experience
with someone they can trust. They may benefit by being reminded that they have
survived the experience, no matter how bizarre or even disturbing it may have been.

Whatever comes into the client’’s awareness during the regression should be
explored as thoroughly as possible, including going over some details again and
again and deepening the brain wave state if necessary. The client can easily ‘‘fill in
the gap’’ between moments, with his own confabulated ideas. Therefore it is helpful
to relive the episode more than once, to be sure to retrieve the details accurately.
As in conducting any regression, the therapist should avoid influencing the material
with ‘‘leading suggestions’’, assumptions, and planting of ideas. It is possible that
some traumatic details of the material will not appear during the first few sessions,
due to the client protecting himself from unwanted distress.

Clients who are experiencing considerable fear during the regression should not be
forced to remember details which they are not ready to face. The therapist should
move slowly with the client, following his lead. He can suggest that the client move
backwards or forwards in time, according to which details need to be explored more
thoroughly, with the willingness of the client. This is possible to do in this altered
state of consciousness, which is a very fluid state of being.

Before ending the regression, the therapist can direct the client to "move ahead to
the conclusion of this experience" which allows the client to experience a closure of
the material in that session and to be aware of being back to where he was at the
beginning of the experience. The incident which was regressed to might be
revisited in a subsequent session, but at least the client can feel some completion
for the time being.

The frequency of abductions varies greatly from one Experiencer to another. In my
research it appears that most Experiencers have been abducted more than once,
often many times, starting as far back in life as in childhood, infancy or life in their
mothers’’ wombs, even if they remember the hints of only one more recent
encounter. Intervals between abductions may be weeks, months, or years; yet
some people may have had as many as several abductions in one night.
An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences:
How Regression Therapy Can Help
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