The brain wave activity state of the client during the regression is usually the Alpha
when we are half waking up, when we are intensely focused on reading a book or
watching television or a movie without much awareness of what is happening
around us, or when we are driving a car while being so focused on what we are
thinking or listening to that we are barely aware of how far we have progressed. We
can also go into deeper brain wave states such as Theta or even Delta, with further
relaxation suggestions and deepening techniques given by the therapist, although
the Alpha and Theta states are usually sufficient for going back and reliving the
details of the past experience of interest.

It is important for the therapist to reassure the client that he will be right with him in
the experience, every moment, and will assist him in handling what is happening,
and will help him come back out of the experience at any time if he needs to, or
when the episode is completed. The therapist can reassure him that if he does not
want to fully experience what is occurring in the regression (such as a painful
medical procedure) he can temporarily leave his body and view what is happening
from the side or from above., and then return to his body. It can be helpful to know
exactly what happened during the experience, even if not fully reliving painful
physical sensations. The client benefits from being reminded, before the
regression starts, and here and there during the regression, that he WILL return
from the experience he is reliving, and he will continue with his life and his everyday

Before the regression begins the therapist helps the client to choose the focus or
subject, for that particular regression The focus could be a mere fragment of a
memory, such as a few seconds of an unusual experience. It could be to whatever
happened during a period of one to two hours of missing time. The focus could be
to the source of flashbacks of a disturbing experience. Or the focus could be
whatever happened that caused the client to suddenly have unaccountable scars
or other markings on his body. Or what happened after seeing three unusual
beings by the side of the bed at night and being unable to move or to call out for
help. Or what happened after seeing a very bright light above the client’’s car while
driving, being followed by this light, having the car motor mysteriously stop and
three beings approaching the car. Or to the source of a recurring dream which
disturbs the client. The focus helps the client’’s subconscious mind to locate the
incident being explored, and to make it available to be relived in minute detail. The
client chooses which strange experience to regress to, in order to learn more and
to integrate the material into his conscious mind and his life.

Sometimes the focus is other than a specific incident. It may involve going back to
the source of the client’’s intense feelings (often fear or discomfort) which he has in
certain everyday situations, which remind him of something anomalous and
disturbing which he does not quite remember. An example of this is a client greatly
fearing being in a hospital or shopping mall or airport with light-colored shiny floors,
which he discovers during his regression to come from his fear of being in a space
craft (which had bright shiny floors) during an abduction. Sometimes the focus is
more open-ended, such as asking the client’’s subconscious mind to take him back
to whatever is most important for him to remember and to know at this particular
time. It is also helpful to assess the client's primary ‘‘mode’’ of accessing
information and memories, whether visual, auditory, kinesthetic, scent awareness
or intuitive knowing, in order to ask the kinds of questions during the regression
that will bring about the clearest memories and information.

It is very helpful to explore any beliefs which the client may have in any ‘‘higher
source’’ to call upon for help, if necessary, during the reliving of traumatic
memories. If he does have a sense of spiritual resources, you can reassure him
that some "higher guide" will accompany him and make sure that he is returned
from the experience. If the client has no sense of spiritual resources, the therapist
can reassure him of his own accompanying of the client in every moment of the
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