minded and to take what they say seriously, even though he does not yet know if
they are true Experiencers . It can help to ask about their general life and
functioning, and ask for brief descriptions of anything they think might be related to
their unusual experiences: including dreams that seem to be ‘‘more than dreams’’,
sensing or seeing unusual beings in their room, flashbacks to glimpses of being
with unusual creatures, consciously witnessing UFO sightings, "missing time"
experiences, finding unusual and unexplained markings on their bodies, or
anything else that seems relevant. It is also important to tell them from the start that
if they discover through regression that they are Experiencers of extraterrestrial
contact, their lives and their notions of reality may be changed forever.

In the first session with the new client, before beginning to regress him to
experiences which might turn out to be extraterrestrial encounters, it is important to
get a clear sense of whether any other kind of crisis or major life issue is going on
in his life, whether he has a history of being abused, and whether he has
psychiatric symptoms or serious depression or anxiety. If any of these possibilities
are true for the client, these issues should be taken care of therapeutically first
before exploring the possibility of extraterrestrial encounters.

As the client is telling about unusual experiences and clues that something
anomalous has happened to him, the therapist does well to notice where he is the
most intense emotionally. Look for important interruptions in the client's life, or for
symptoms such as "irrational" anxieties, flashbacks, and vivid dreams. Explore the
client's fear of uncovering possible abduction material, and discuss what it is likely
to mean in their life if they discover that they have actually had the experiences.
Clients may fear that they are going "insane", because of their bizarre experiences.
It is necessary to reassure them that they are not. They may need help in setting
up good support systems; these are important to help them feel stable and
accepted as they go through the regression work. Acknowledge their courage in
coming to see you for help, and for being willing to explore what may have
happened to them.

During the first sessions it is better for the therapist not to indicate whether or not
he believes the client has experienced a true abduction. The client should draw his
or her own conclusions about this, but should not do this until after at least one or
two regression sessions. Asking the client to rate the "reality" of the regression
experiences by means of a scale from 0 to 10, with zero representing "dream or
fantasy" and ten indicating "it was real" may help them make this decision. A few
tens may be a good reason to continue exploring the possibility that the client is
truly an Experiencer.

Before beginning any regression work, it is helpful to prepare the client for what the
process of hypnosis is like: that the state of hypnosis is actually a state of deep
relaxation in which we can access memories which have been buried in the
subconscious mind. During the regression the client will hear the therapist’’s voice
and will follow the guidance and answer the therapist’’s questions. He will answer
out loud with his own voice, describing the details of what he is experiencing in the
past episode he is revisiting. At moments he may be aware of the position that his
body is lying or sitting in. He will be mostly aware of reliving the experience he has
regressed to, moment by moment, though at times he might be briefly aware of the
‘‘here and now’’ and his current thought process. During the regression we can
move backward in time, if we want to take a more thorough look at what was
happening, Or we can move forward to the next important thing happening. Or we
can pause at a certain moment and discern more details about what is occurring.
An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences:
How Regression Therapy Can Help
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