medicated, and treated. This leaves them feeling misunderstood and worse than
associates often laugh at them or call them crazy. They quickly learn to keep
reports of their extraterrestrial experiences and their severe anxieties very private,
and therefore receive no help in dealing with them.

A good source of professional psychotherapists and regression therapists to whom
to refer Experiencers who desire to receive this kind of professional help is the
Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET). This is an international
organization of people who appreciate the challenges held by people who
experience extraterrestrial encounters, and who are trained in regression therapy.
Other members include people who acknowledge and appreciate the reality of
visitors from elsewhere in space interacting with human beings and occasionally
removing them for various actions for an hour or two duration of time. This
organization can be reached by contacting the author at barbara_lamb@verizon.

Most Experiencers are not inherently medically or psychiatrically disturbed,
although they might experience pronounced anxiety, especially in certain
situations. This is amazing, considering the intensity of the trauma they have
experienced. They are actually normal people to whom very unusual things have
happened. Now that the subject of alien abductions is aired more publicly in the
media, they realize that their bizarre experiences are similar to reports from other
people of having been visited by and taken away by highly unusual beings, in
episodes called ‘‘abductions’’ They might want to get validation and understanding
from someone who knows something about the abduction phenomenon, and may
attend meetings and conferences which focus on the UFO phenomenon, such as
regional MUFON groups and the International UFO Congress, to see if there is
evidence and validation for crafts and beings coming from space. They may share
their stories with researchers in the UFO field long before daring to tell a therapist.
They are relieved to be taken seriously and to have their experiences validated,
but they may still need therapeutic help to deal with them.

                        Working with Experiencers:

Each therapist has his own procedure for working with Experiencers, if he is open
to the phenomenon and willing to take these people seriously. However, I believe
that trained regression therapists have the necessary skills for working with
Experiencers. They can help the Experiencer uncover the buried memories of their
strange encounters, even though the aliens often have specifically told them and
influenced them "not to remember" anything. Fortunately, everything that has
happened is recorded in their subconscious minds, and as in past life regression
therapy work, it can be retrieved through regression procedures. This enables
expression and release of the associated feelings and the eventual integration of
the experience into the person’’s conscious life. Generally therapists understand
that material which has been brought into the conscious mind can be
therapeutically worked with far more effectively than material which is inaccessible
in the subconscious mind.
An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences:
ow Regression Therapy Can Help
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