abduction experiences, and that more therapists able to work with this matter are
being needed. It is possible that if mass sightings of UFOs and extraterrestrials
ever occur, these therapists will be able to contribute significant understanding to
the public about what is going on.

Therapists who work with abductees can be strongly affected emotionally by their
clients' recalls and by the obvious challenges to their own preconceived notions of
reality. Also, with abductees, you cannot change the future: they will continue to be
abducted. This is distressing to therapists, who want to help clients "get better." It
helps to attend conferences and talk about these reactions with researchers and
other therapists who work with abductees, to form networks with them, and to read
widely about the phenomenon.  I encourage all regression therapists to be open to finding the
clues indicating that a client might be an abductee, and if they are found, to venture forth, with
their best therapeutic skills. As more people are experiencing abductions, it is increasingly
important that qualified regression therapists be available to recognize their plight and meet
their needs. If the time comes, as it may, when massive sightings of UFO's and
extra-terrestrials occur on earth, these therapists will be needed to help others understand
what is going on.  
An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences:
How Regression Therapy Can Help
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