therapy. They can guide the group in an orderly way, and be sure that each
participant has his say, and let participants discuss the aspects that are the most
concern for them. Some support groups elect to do ‘‘sky watches’’ together, during
late evenings or overnight camping trips, in hopes of seeing a UFO. Witnessing
unusual crafts that do not seem to be made by humans gives Experiencers a sense
of validation of their experiences with extraterrestrials.

                            Working with Children:

Young children usually tell their parents about unusual creatures who come into
their rooms at night, and who take them away for awhile. If they are frightened by
these happenings their parents often tell them the visit must have been a
nightmare. If they are happy about their little friends visiting them, parents often tell
them they must be imagining these ‘‘playmates’’ Children benefit greatly when they
find someone to tell their stories to who will take them seriously and believe the
likelihood that their stories truly happened. This person might be a therapist who
works with Experiencers, or might be an adult friend who is knowledgeable about
the encounter phenomenon.

Children talk freely with such a person, and often recall considerable detail from
their unusual encounters. They usually do not need regression hypnosis, and if
very young it is better not to do hypnosis, as it might bring back more memories
than the child can handle all at once.

If the adult wonders about the truth and validity of their stories he can use a
technique suggested years ago by Budd Hopkins: showing them a series of drawn
pictures of figures well known to children, such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny,
a witch, and a clown and include a picture of a little gray alien. If they have been
having encounters with Extraterrestrials, the children react strongly to the picture of
the gray alien and tell the adult many details of their experiences with them. They
need to be reassured that many children have these experiences and it can be an
adventure to find out more about these beings and what they are doing. If the adult
and the child explore these experiences together, the child may find it interesting
and adventurous, and may discover many positive aspects. He may also be
released from undue fear of subsequent encounters, and may even view these
encounters positively.

Considerations for Therapists:

Not all therapists are willing to work with people who think they have been abducted
by extraterrestrial beings, in fact they may not believe in the reality of such beings
and experiences at all. Therapists who are somewhat open to this reality still might
not be comfortable enough with the subject matter to work with Experiencers. They
might fear that their long held notions of reality might be shaken. They might fear
that the material would be difficult to handle personally and emotionally. They might
not know how to proceed in therapy with this kind of material. They might not be
trained in regression therapy. Therapists want their clients to improve and get
better, and might fear that because these encounters are reputed to continue, out
of the therapist’’s or client’’s control, they will not be successful in helping the client.

Therapists can help to prepare themselves for this work by attending meetings,
lectures, and conferences about the Extraterrestrial abduction subject, and talking
with other researchers and other therapists who work with these matters. They can
read some of the voluminous material that exists about this phenomenon, and
watch television specials concerning this material. They can talk to people who
have directly experienced these encounters. When feeling more prepared to deal
with Experiencers, they can look for the clues that the client might be having
extraterrestrial encounters, and proceed with their helpful therapeutic skills.
An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences:
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