Experiencers usually need time to assimilate the experiences which they recall
further regressions. It is helpful to continue regular counseling sessions or phone
contacts with the therapist between regressions. It is important for them to know the
therapist is available to them for encouragement and support. The therapist might
be the only person whom they feel is understanding and supportive of them, and
this means a great deal to them.

As Experiencers go through regressions and recollections of experiences they
have had with Extraterrestrial beings, they may experience a wide variety of
emotions and reactions. They may experience initial denial that they are truly
having these bizarre encounters. They may have great anger that these beings are
doing things to them without their conscious permission. They may block from their
awareness certain procedures that are done to them. They may suffer great fear of
the beings and the strange (and sometimes painful) procedures being done to
them. They may feel deeply depressed that they cannot keep these encounters
from happening, and that they cannot stop any unwanted procedures that are
inflicted on them. They may feel grief as their previous understandings of reality
are challenged and changed forever. They may feel isolated and alone in their
experiences, as if they are hugely different than everyone else.

With sufficient therapy and regressions they may gradually come to an acceptance
of these encounters happening to them. They may become increasingly fascinated
with the whole phenomenon of Extraterrestrial encounters with human beings, and
may become serious researchers of this subject. They may want to share
encounter experiences with other people who are having them, and highly value
participating in an Experiencer ‘‘support group’’.They may come to realize they
actually do have some choice about continuing their encounters. However, they go
through a long process of changing from one reaction and state of being to
another, and as in any grief process they may experience these stages in their own
unique ways and in their own unique order. It is important for the therapist to
understand these processes and to help Experiencers proceed through them.

                                Entity Attachments:

Therapists should be aware that Experiencers may inadvertently attract entity
attachments, because they have suffered so much terror during their abductions,
which creates gaps in their auras through which entities can enter. A therapist
should ask for clues about this possibility, early in therapy with Experiencers. The
entity could actually be an alien entity, as such entities have been know to attach to
people. Any such entities should, of course, be released as soon as possible, by
the therapist or by a specialist in this work.

Experiencers may also channel interesting information from benign aliens, without
any attachment involved,.and this can be most rewarding for client and therapist
alike. For some clients, full awareness of the spiritual dimension of their
experiences comes when such alien beings channel through them during
regressions or between regressions. Some of the implants inserted in
Experiencers’’ heads seem to facilitate the channeling process.

Support Groups for Experiencers:

Support groups are extremely beneficial to Experiencers, for sharing extraterrestrial
experiences, hearing other people’’s encounters, knowing they are not alone in
having these bizarre happenings, feeling understood and accepted, and feeling
‘‘normalized’’.It is best to begin participating in a group after they have had a few
regressions, and when they have substantial indications of the kinds of things that
have been occurring with them. This helps them to avoid being influenced by other
peoples’’ testimonies which could contaminate their own memories.
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