previous lifetime, and currently are one of their representatives here on earth, having
agreed to be studied by them for furthering their understanding of the human race
and life on earth. Alternatively they are told they are members of a particular family
whose genetics have been studied by the beings for generations.

                     Conscious, Awake Experiences:

As some Experiencers move through and beyond their fear they sometimes ask the
aliens to appear when they are fully awake and in the light of day, for a conscious
face-to-face contact during which they can avoid feeling victimized and they can
have a better chance of building mutual rapport. This does not always work out as
planned; some clients who ask for such a meeting become upset and react
negatively and hostily when their wish is granted. But others manage to control
their reactions of being startled by the beings appearing, and control any
protective, violent reactions, and proceed to have conscious, positive experiences
of relating to the beings, of visiting the spaceship, and of being taught interesting

The Processes of Therapy:

In conducting therapy with Experiencers there are some special considerations.
These clients will probably not remember all the details that emerge during their
regressions, even though the therapist might remember, and they should not be
forced to deal with material which is still repressed. They will remember it
eventually, when they are ready for it. It can be helpful for the client to do
‘‘homework’’ assignments, such as drawing and/or writing down whatever they
remember from each regression, writing in a journal anything unusual that happens
during daily life such as flashbacks or "triggered" memories, as well as their
reactions to their regression sessions. As with other clients, any homework that
engages them in the ongoing processes of therapy is helpful, and it is especially
helpful with Experiencer clients.

During regressions, in order to make sense of the bizarre material as it emerges,
Experiencers may spontaneously ‘‘fill in the gaps’’ between awarenesses and make
assumptions about what is happening. This is called ‘‘confabulation’’, and it can
give an erroneous sense of the experience. They need permission not to
remember everything at once. Sooner or later it will all make sense, especially if
they relive the incident a few times. With especially traumatized clients it can help to
allow them to examine traumatic material without feeling it, as if observing it only,
for the first uncovering or two. This can be accomplished by having the clients
‘‘leave their bodies’’ astrally and watching the incident from somewhere else in the
room, without experiencing it physically. It is helpful to allow clients to examine only
one traumatic incident at a time, during one regression, and to bring them safely
out of the encounter and back to where the encounter began. With clients who are
emotionally handling the encounter reasonably well, they might wish to relive the
entire experience with all its details during the same regression. The therapist can
keep asking the clients how they are doing, as the regression is progressing.

When many Experiencers are newly reliving their encounters in regression, they
have an ongoing apprehension and fear about being abducted again. They may
feel helpless because they do not know when or where it will happen. There are
various techniques that will help them, such as: visualizing themselves remaining
calm when these strange beings approach them and abduct them; reassuring
themselves they do not need to feel great fear, because they are always returned
from their abductions; turning their attention to the beings and asking them
whatever they want to know from them; looking for elements in the encounters
which they consider benign and even positive, reinforcing their sense of their own
inner strength, which cannot be robbed by the beings.
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