may accept the ‘‘aliens’’ as intermediate beings between themselves and God, or
the primal source of creation, or cosmic consciousness. They liken them to angels,
spirit guides, light beings, or enlightened beings. During their abductions they feel
they are returning to their true cosmic home, beyond space and time, to an
incredibly beautiful realm. They feel joyous, with a changed sense of their own
place in the cosmic design, and a heightened sense of awe for the universe and for
the natural world of earth. They eventually see our notions of space and time as
non-accurate, and sense themselves to be in multiple times and places at the same
moment. They may weep with sadness when they leave this realm and return to
their humdrum lives on earth, and they sometimes remain depressed for a time
because of the loss of these glorious experiences.

When Experiencers realize that their consciousness is separate from their bodies,
they can relate more easily with the countless beings beyond space and time. They
become aware of the cycles if birth and death on earth and on other planets as
well. They become less ego-attached to their current personalities, and they may
identify with the extraterrestrials during their abductions. They may feel themselves
to be ‘‘blended with’’ the beings at times.

                              Moving Beyond Fear:
It is important for Experiencers to move beyond their fear, because fear seems to
attract the more negative aliens and more negative experiences. If Experiencers
act like scared animals when abducted, they will experience being treated like
animals. They can easily become so saturated with fear, that they are unable to
concentrate on noticing many other elements in the experience. It helps the
Experiencer to allow himself to feel the fear without holding on to it, and then to
notice details of the encounter and of the extraterrestrials with whom they are

Even when the Experiencer is told by the beings ‘‘not to remember’’ what is
happening during the encounter, he can insist on being aware and remembering. I
encourage my Experiencer clients to tell the beings that as a human being they
have a right to know what happens to them. Experiencers can learn to ask for a
meaningful relationship with the aliens, and if they do this they will more likely be
treated more respectfully and more like peers. Extraterrestrials seem to
communicate telepathically with humans, and some Experiencers try to "test" the
beings who come to abduct them by telepathically asking "Who are you?" and “Are
you from the Light/” If the beings refuse to answer or emit negative vibrations, the
Experiencer can refuse to go with them. If the beings say they are "from the Light"
and emit positive vibrations, the Experiencers might choose to let the experience
happen, knowing that they will very likely have some positive or at least meaningful
experiences. Learning to exercise this control is a good way of lessening the fear
they had of an entirely uncontrolled experience.

Experiencers can refuse to be taken, by several means: at the very first moments
of the beings appearing, they can vehemently project ““NO ! I refuse!”” either aloud
or mentally; they can immediately visualize intense white light from the highest
source surrounding and protecting them; they can call on their favorite saint or
spiritual protector to ward off the experience, or they can immediately move some
part of their bodies to break the paralysis that is about to set in. These methods
are effective if used immediately and with strong intention and emotion.

Experiencers can also learn to ask the beings for any information they want to
know, such as why the aliens are here and what are they doing, and why they are
doing certain procedures on them. I encourage Experiencers to ask these
questions during both the regression and any subsequent abduction experiences;
and usually very meaningful information is gathered. The knowledge that they can
do this considerably relieves their fear of the mysterious and bizarre episodes, and
gives them the sense that they are actively participating in the encounter instead of
being completely at the mercy of the beings. When Experiencers ask the beings
why they, in particular, have been selected to be visited, they are often shown that
during their spiritual state of being before coming into this lifetime they have made
agreements with the Extraterrestrials to cooperate with them during this life.
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