the Experiencer being rendered paralyzed and amnesic after the first few moments.
My clients have told me that this is necessary to prevent their flailing out in fright or
anger, which could injure them and their abductors, and to enable the particles of
their bodies to separate enough to be moved through a solid wall or closed window.

The beings might also increase the vibrational frequency of the Experiencers’’
bodies, which requires a lack of movement. Because the beginnings of abduction
experiences seem to be startling, intrusive and forced upon them , Experiencers
usually react negatively and fearfully, even if the experience turns out to be a
positive one.

            Unusual Variations of Abduction Experiences:

Occasionally clients discover during regression that they were abducted by
extraterrestrials during a previous lifetime, whether or not they are having these
experiences in this lifetime. Occasionally clients learn that they themselves were
extraterrestrial beings during previous lifetimes, living their lives on another planet,
or exploring various planets for possible colonization, or being sent to earth for
certain purposes. Some clients discover that they previously were the same type of
extraterrestrial being that is currently abducting them, and that they are serving as
‘‘windows’’ for their beings to learn more about human beings and about life on

Through clients’’ channeling of extraterrestrial beings, we have been told that all
conscious, intelligent beings in the universe are from the same source and are able
to incarnate on each others’’ planets and in each others’’ dimensions, and that
each intelligent species goes to the same spirit plane between incarnations.

Some Experiencers discover during regressions that they actually collaborate with
the extraterrestrials during abductions. They may help convince other humans to
go aboard space ships, help with medical procedures on other abducted humans,
learn healing techniques from the beings, help to run the spacecraft and even to
co-pilot the ships. Some Experiencers discover they are delegates to large council
meetings comprised of beings from many different planets, in which they discuss
problems amongst various species and especially problems on planet earth.
Others travel very long distances in a spaceship while suspended in containers of
special liquid, to keep them safe and to help them adjust to the speed and the
changing atmosphere.

                            Transformational Aspects:

Some Experiencers do not interpret what is happening to them as invasive or
traumatic. They believe that all of their abduction experiences, even painful medical
procedures, are for a worthwhile purpose and are basically positive. They learn to
like and in some cases love the beings with whom they have had years of contact.
They accept the reality that they have extraterrestrial spouses and children. These
people deliberately look for the deeper meaning of their experiences. It can be
argued that this is the only way they can tolerate what has happened to them and
will continue to happen, like the phenomenon of humans bonding with their human
captors in abductions here on earth. But people who look for these positive
aspects usually find them justifiably. Although many people fear that aliens are
intending to take over the earth for their own use, some Experiencers come to
believe that the alien/human interaction is ultimately a benevolent one and some of
the species of extraterrestrials are genuinely concerned about the ways in which
we are destroying our precious earth. They urgently want us to change our ways
and save our planet before it is too late.
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