things have occurred during abductions the memories could come back during
regressions. Human males are subject to reproduction/hybridization procedures as
well. Beginning in adolescence and continuing for several decades they may be
abducted and have sperm mechanically removed from them. In some cases they
are mated with by various types of extraterrestrial beings. With both human males
and human females, these reproductive actions usually take place on board the
space craft, with the occasional copulating taking place in their own homes.

Reasons given to Experiencers for this hybridization program include: one race
having lost their own ability to reproduce offspring and needing to combine with
human genetic material in order to survive. Another race has become physically
weakened by many centuries of interbreeding with only their own kind, and wish to
add the more robust human stock. Another race has become so intellectual and
rational that they wish to add the component of human emotion. Still another race
wishes to create offspring who could live with them in their locations and also live
with humans on earth. Other races seek to create offspring who could travel back
and forth between their societies and ours, serving as ‘‘ambassadors’’.

                         Physical Vs. Astral Abductions:

Experiencers are abducted for a variety of purposes by a variety of
extraterrestrials. Common physical procedures include medical examinations on a
cold, hard table, taking and testing of their body fluids, inserting and extracting and
replacing of tiny implants, procedures with the brain, taking samples of tissues from
inside the body, reproductive procedures (including sexual intercourse with the
beings), being asked to relate to their hybrid offspring, being tested for their
emotional reactions to various situations, and being suspended and submerged in
large tanks of unknown liquid. Different Experiencers react in various ways to these

Common astral experiences involve being taken in spirit/consciousness/ mind only,
while the body remains behind where the experience began. Experiencers often
report being levitated up from their beds and looking down at their bodies which
are still lying on the bed. They are often taken to some sort of ‘‘place of learning’’,
which may be astral (non physical) as well. Perhaps for their own sense of security,
Experiencers may see these settings as a library, classroom, laboratory, temple, or
some other place conducive to learning, although they may actually be visiting a
non- physical place in a non-physical state of being. Extraterrestrial guides or
teachers or mentors help them to learn many skills, including physical healing,
psychic development, technological skills, ecological concerns, the piloting of
spaceships, the administering of health care to masses of people after earth
disasters, and other subjects.

Any Experiencer may have, during the years of his abductions, some physical and
some astral abductions, and some positive and some negative experiences. He
may encounter many different species of extraterrestrials, during various
abductions, and each species seems to have its own agenda. He may even
encounter a few different types during one single abduction. Some Experiencers
may remain angry and resentful toward their abductors throughout their lifetimes.
Some may feel neutral toward their abductors. Some Experiencers are terrified by
their abductions, especially at the beginning of an experience, but may gradually
become more comfortable with the beings and eventually know them to be
enlightened, spiritual beings with whom they are thrilled to be face to face. Some
Experiencers feel honored and privileged to be part of an important cosmic
program. They may even channel meaningful information from these beings, which
they are eager to share with other people.
An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences:
How Regression Therapy Can Help
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